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As a guest you don’t have to register, but if you do, you can save listings to your ‘favourites’ and leave reviews.

Cast or Crew looking for digs?

Tired of theatres not investing the time to keep their digs list up to date? Sick of extorionate commission fees? You’ve come to the right place!

Our Digs has 100+ theatrical digs ready to accommodate touring theatre professionals around the UK. Book direct with the host and avoid commission fees. Register (free) to ‘favourite‘ digs for later and review digs you’ve stayed at. Search Our Digs now.

Our hosts are encouraged to reply to every enquiry, and we want to hear about any that don’t so we can remove them and keep Our Digs up to date.


How do I know digs are confirmed?

A booking will only be secured on the host’s receipt of a deposit. The host will confirm receipt by email and/or telephone.

Guests are asked to provide hosts with details of the theatre company and venue they’ll be working at and in what capacity; of any special needs and approximate time of arrival.

Can Guests leave Reviews?

Yes! Guests can register to leave a review and ‘favourite’ listings too, so they can come back to them later.

How do I know a Host is genuine?

Hosts listed are either known to us personally or they are already hosting via an online website where reviews are left, e.g. Airbnb, TripAdvisor.

Once we’re more established, reviews and recommendations from previous guests will be available - which you’ll be able to help us with!

How does the site work for Guests?

Guests can browse the website and search via geographical location, self contained or private room(s).

There is a contact form on all our digs pages that Guests can submit directly to the Host to enquire about availability. So be sure to include relevant details, e.g…

  1. Dates
  2. Production title
  3. Theatre or performance venue
  4. Special requirements/further information

Alternatively, when guests are logged in, they can search the hosts, or find them by clicking on the host name on their listing page, and make contact through our internal messaging system.

How are Payments handled?

Payments are between host and guest. We encourage hosts to invoice the guest and request a deposit in advance of check-in. A host’s payment instructions and options should be set out on the invoice, along with check-in/out details.

We recommend hosts request a full night’s stay for a 1-week booking as deposit; 3-nights for 3-weeks and so on.

Any fees?

We don’t take commission as we don’t handle payments.

Our Digs donations from Hosts for rooms listed, and from Guests for enquiries, which will go towards our admin and web hosting fees. We are of course happy to take donations of any amount at any time for all the hard work we do 😉

Because there are no fees, digs cost less for guests and cost the same for hosts - so no one loses out and some gain!

Our Digs may decide to change this in the future, but will notify registered hosts in advance.