How does the site work for Hosts?

Listing Digs

Hosts list digs on our website by registering then adding digs. They are then reviewed before you’re notified and can then edit the listings some more.

Digs Enquiries

Guests contact you directly from your listing page. You need to reply to that email.

How do I respond to Guest queries?

All queries will be emailed to your inbox from and you can reply directly.

Guests will contact you from the form on your listings page. Please try to respond as quickly as possible to let the guest know if you have availability - or not - a reply is required one way or another, else your listing may be suspended.

These messages are private and between host and guest only.

You’ll receive a test message from time to time, and if there is no reply your listing may be suspended.

What does a Host get?

By listing your digs on Our Digs you get a dedicated webpage with your digs details, contact form, and a link (e.g. to send to your guests.

We’re in the process of contacting theatres and production companies to ask they send their cast and crew to book through Our Digs, and promoting the site on appropriate forums.

You get to take control over how and when deposit and rental payments are made, and whether you have availability or not.

Why host theatrical professionals?

Theatre professionals are generally the easiest guests to accommodate. Although they may keep unusual hours, they are mostly at the theatre in the evenings and some of the days. You will hardly notice they are staying with you. For this reason we tend to offer a special discounted rate from the regular, e.g. Airbnb guests, etc.

Therefore it’s imperitive hosts are understanding of a guest’s irregular hours, short term requirements and so be able to offer reasonably priced rooms.

What are ‘featured’ listings?

For a small fee, hosts can opt to upgrade their listing to ‘featured’ so that it always shows at the top of the listings pages and searches, and anywhere ‘featured’ listings appear throughout the website.

Go to Manage Listings to promote your digs.