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To list digs on Our Digs, you first need to register as a Host, then add as many separate listings as you like!

Host Theatre Professionals?

Join 150+ UK hosts and list your digs (free) on Our Digs. Reach a growing number of cast and crew struggling to find suitable and affordable digs whilst on tour.

Guests send enquiries direct via a form on your listings page, or if they register they can use the messaging system on hte website. There’s no fees for host or guest!

If you have a spare room and live within easy access of a theatre or live performance venue, please list your digs with us. You could earn up to £7,500 tax-free each year! Register to list your digs free now!


Contact us if you have a query not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions below:

How do I know digs are confirmed?

A booking will only be secured on the host’s receipt of a deposit. The host will confirm receipt by email and/or telephone.

Guests are asked to provide hosts with details of the theatre company and venue they’ll be working at and in what capacity; of any special needs and approximate time of arrival.

Do you have any draft emails and invoices?

We do! These are coming soon but please just ask as we will probably have something suitable to hand. Email info@ourdigs.co.uk with your request.

Can I keep my Calendar updated?

We’ve found that hosts tend to keep only one or two availability calendars updated, so we don’t ask it of you here. When a enquiry comes in you should reply whether available or not.

However, we are looking into options for those hosts who would like to include their availability, and one is available now. If you have a direct link to an online calendar showing availability, you may link to it.

How do I know a Guest is legitimate?

We don’t vet the guests on Our Digs. One way of securing they’re legitimate is to ask for a deposit. We also encourage the guest to share details about the theatre company and venue they’ll be working at, and in what capacity so you can double-check if needed.

You can also encourage guests to ‘favourite’ your listing and review their stay. They need to register to do these.

How do I add Photos to my listing?

You can add 20 photos to each listing. Ensure the top one is the best and preferably a landscape pic of the bedroom.

You can drag each image to re-arrange the order they display in; and delete images.

Lastly, add a pic of the host(s) and if you have dogs sometimes a pic of them helps inform guests of suitability!

What are ‘featured’ listings?

For a small fee, hosts can opt to upgrade their listing to ‘featured’ so that it always shows at the top of the listings pages and searches, and anywhere ‘featured’ listings appear throughout the website.

Go to Manage Listings to promote your digs.

What does a Host get?

By listing your digs on Our Digs you get a dedicated webpage with your digs details, contact form, and a link (e.g. http://ourdigs.co.uk/digs/your-space) to send to your guests.

We’re in the process of contacting theatres and production companies to ask they send their cast and crew to book through Our Digs, and promoting the site on appropriate forums.

You get to take control over how and when deposit and rental payments are made, and whether you have availability or not.

Why host theatrical professionals?

Theatre professionals are generally the easiest guests to accommodate. Although they may keep unusual hours, they are mostly at the theatre in the evenings and some of the days. You will hardly notice they are staying with you. For this reason we tend to offer a special discounted rate from the regular, e.g. Airbnb guests, etc.

Therefore it’s imperitive hosts are understanding of a guest’s irregular hours, short term requirements and so be able to offer reasonably priced rooms.

How do I respond to Guest queries?

All queries will be emailed to your inbox from @ourdigs.co.uk and you can reply directly.

Guests will contact you from the form on your listings page. Please try to respond as quickly as possible to let the guest know if you have availability - or not - a reply is required one way or another, else your listing may be suspended.

These messages are private and between host and guest only.

You’ll receive a test message from time to time, and if there is no reply your listing may be suspended.

How does the site work for Hosts?

Listing Digs

Hosts list digs on our website by registering then adding digs. They are then reviewed before you’re notified and can then edit the listings some more.

Digs Enquiries

Guests contact you directly from your listing page. You need to reply to that email.

Can Guests leave Reviews?

Yes! Guests can register to leave a review and ‘favourite’ listings too, so they can come back to them later.

How are Payments handled?

Payments are between host and guest. We encourage hosts to invoice the guest and request a deposit in advance of check-in. A host’s payment instructions and options should be set out on the invoice, along with check-in/out details.

We recommend hosts request a full night’s stay for a 1-week booking as deposit; 3-nights for 3-weeks and so on.

Any fees?

We don’t take commission as we don’t handle payments.

Our Digs donations from Hosts for rooms listed, and from Guests for enquiries, which will go towards our admin and web hosting fees. We are of course happy to take donations of any amount at any time for all the hard work we do 😉

Because there are no fees, digs cost less for guests and cost the same for hosts - so no one loses out and some gain!

Our Digs may decide to change this in the future, but will notify registered hosts in advance.

Who’s behind Our Digs?

I’ve been hosting theatre professionals, cast and crew for nearly 30-years in the north east of England. I also host non-theatrical guests from all over the world.

Disillusioned with other online forums keeping any deposits when guests cancel - too often last minute or not even showing up - and me being a web designer, I decided to build a directory of theatre digs in the UK to put more control into the hands of the hosts and guests themselves.

That said, there are still other great resources out there to find digs, such as Theatre Digs Lists, Crew Rooms and of course Theatre Digs Booker.

Currently the site survives on a kind of ‘beerware‘ basis so donations are truly appreciated. In the future this may change so we take some sort of commission, but there are no plans just yet.

Recent changes

10 Mar 2018

  • Site redesign to incorporate a better logging-in system.
  • We’ve separated the Digs and the Host information.
    • Members now have a new profile page (click here when logged in), where they can add a cover photo, a selfie and a short bio (only 180 chars).
    • Hosts also have a link to all their listing; Guests to their reviews (comments).
    • You can also change your name, email and mobile numbers here too.

6 Feb 2018

  • Thanks to a host’s suggestion – we have doubled the number of photos per listing from 10 to 20.
  • We’ve also added a smoking/non-smoking field which we’d appreciate you updating at your earliest convenience!

20 Jan 2018

  • Major Changes and improvements have been implemented on Our Digs to make it easier to use for Guests and Hosts alike.
    • Guests should find it easier to navigate and search the listings; contact hosts directly and save favourite digs for later.
    • Hosts have more control over their listing, login, adding/deleting and rearranging photos, and handling multiple listings.
  • We have now closed the old-style listings and migrated all listings over. Links remain the same.

15 Nov 2017

  • We’ve changed the bed/guest number structure on the website to show max only, so please check and adjust your numbers accordingly when you have time.
  • Nightly/weekly prices are from the minimum amount and can be adjusted per guest enquiry. If multiple digs, insert your lowest prices.
  • We’ve removed the self-upload photos tab as many were struggling with it. Instead please email any photos as and when you get them to info@ourdigs.co.uk
  • A lot of you have received queries from Guests now, please try to respond as soon as you can so we can let them know who has availability. You can just ignore the message if your digs are not a convenient fit or unavailable.
  • Some hosts were asking about me so check the FAQ page for an update!

How to ‘whitelist’ an email address

Add ourdigs.co.uk to your safe senders using Gmail, Outlook.com or Yahoo! Mail
  1. In your email program, click the cog icon in the top-right corner and then More mail settings.
  2. Select Safe and blocked senders and then Safe senders.
  3. Add ourdigs.co.uk to the list of Safe senders.
  4. Return to Safe and blocked senders and then select Safe mailing lists.

More help here.

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